Research shows that a recruiter spends less than 30 seconds judging your CV. It makes sense then to structure your CV in a way that presents all the critical information concisely, and pride of place at the beginning of the document.


Get the CV right, and your chances of getting an interview are high. With a few handy tips from recruitment experts, you can boost your chances of securing that job.


Perfect Your CV


Step one – candidates often forget to put contact details on their CV, making it incredibly difficult for employers to get in touch with them. Input both your email and telephone number to ensure your hard work pays off!


Imagine you’re an employer searching for the perfect candidate, what would you notice? Listing key skills at the top of your CV is a useful way to showcase your suitability for the role – fast. After reviewing the job advert, ensure that your skills match with the employer’s requirements.


Referencing your reasons for leaving a previous role can be beneficial, especially if you have had any short-term roles or gaps in employment. If necessary, keep these positive and professional without discouraging the employer.


If you’re struggling to write your CV, there’s an abundance of resources (including templates) online to ensure you get it right!


At Impression Recruitment, we know the difficulties involved in constructing a CV, which is why we support you through the recruitment process. We offer one-on-one CV support, ensuring that your application is a successful .


Tailor Your CV


Much like a well-tailored suit, your CV should be made to fit. Take the time to change aspects of your CV for each role that you apply for. Research the company’s culture, values and ethos; knowledge of these areas can be used as a selection tool.


While your previous roles, qualifications and skills should stay the same between CVs, you should demonstrate why you are the suitable candidate for each specific organisation with a great cover letter or a punchy profile. Most companies have identified their cultural fit, which will be available on their website or in their job advert.


Sometimes job titles can be very particular to a company. It’s important to include keywords in your CV and make it easy for employers to find your application when searching for specific roles on a job board. Considering this, remember to remain professional and avoid the use of acronyms or company related lingo in your application.


Professional and Precise


The preferred length of a CV often comes down to personal opinion. A CV shouldn’t be pages and pages long, but it should contain content that is relevant, giving you the opportunity to consider what needs to be included (and what can be left out!). Focus on the most recent years of your career and use as few words as possible to make your points.


Take a moment to spell check. Now spell check again! Don’t fall victim to the default American spelling of certain words on Microsoft Word (watch out for words including Z instead of S).


Don’t give an employer the excuse to dismiss your application because of avoidable errors and grammatical mistakes. Pay close attention to formatting – consistent headings, spacing, font, size of text and continued bullet points if previously used, will ensure a crisp CV. Keep your text clean, clear and concise, oozing professionalism and pride.


Keep it Current and Correct


Consciously and consistently updating your CV is a great way to follow your achievements, ensuring that you present your best self in an application. Have you achieved something great in a previous job role or attended an extra course alongside your degree? Record them – it will help you to stand out!


When striving to improve your chances of getting an interview, it can be all too tempting to make some slight exaggerations. Keeping your CV accurate prevents you from landing in any trouble. Your attention is better spent utilising the skills and experiences that you do have. Review your day-to-day activities, write them down and expand on each to ensure it is clear, concise and most importantly, relevant.


How Can Impression Recruitment Improve Your CV?


Having provided recruitment services for over a decade, we at Impression can provide you with beneficial one-to-one support in writing your CV to ensure you land the perfect role.


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