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As we welcome in 2018 and all settle back into the world of recruitment after the Christmas and New Year break, it is no secret that many of us will sit back and reflect on 2017 and see how we can make this a more successful year than the prior year.

As candidates start to think about new opportunities and hiring managers look to grow their teams, we thought it would be appropriate to distribute some simple but, critical advice for both parties when seeking a hassle free job search or recruitment process for 2018.


1– If using an agency, be clear
Many a hiring manager make the mistake of not allocating effective time explaining the role and their expectations with a recruitment agency. We are not just here to source the ideal candidate but, also to offer any required advice. Feedback is vital. We may not always get it right first time round for numerous reasons.

2- React to applications and set up interviews promptly
The market is strong and very candidate led. As much as a candidate has to make an impressive first impact, it is also vital you do the same. A very common mistake we see from hiring managers is waiting too long to interview candidates. Our advice is always: if you see an applicant you like, do not delay – arrange the interview and meet them before someone else does!

3- Don’t make it all a last minute rush
Avoiding that last minute rush will ensure you give ample opportunity to generate the strongest interest. If you have a new opening in the team, don’t delay your search. Whether it’s a call to your recruiter or, putting your own advert out… the earlier you act, the sooner you will have hired the right individual to advance your team!

4- Flexibility always helps
Don’t forget you are not the only one interviewing and not the only one that holds a busy schedule. Try to avoid set dates. We often see a lot of clients lose out on their preferred candidate because of this. If possible, provide both in and out of hours time slots across a range of dates, this will only assist in ensuring you gain a good selection to interview.

5- Make appropriate and competitive offers
Candidates in general look for a new role because they want some form of promotion/career advancement. From experience, we know that the two top reasons for candidates leaving their jobs boils down to no opportunity for career advancement or, no recognition for efforts in their salary. Ensure you listen to a candidates desires and that you create an attractive offer tailored to that individual.


1– New year, fresh CV
Don’t forget it’s all about that vital first impression and your CV is the first thing any recruiting party sets eyes on. We often see quality candidates really letting themselves down with a poor CV. Keep a lookout for an upcoming blog on creating that perfect CV!
2– Make it happen
Make that proactive effort. You can’t just sit there waiting for an opportunity to reach you. Whilst recruiters like ourselves maybe on the lookout for you, don’t forget lots of employers recruit directly. So don’t be afraid to go hunting and knock on a few doors.
3- Ensure you are the chosen candidate
Don’t ever underestimate what it takes to prepare for your interview, competition is tough! We strongly recommend you take a look at our post on interview etiquette.
4- Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
We are not suggesting that you visit every job board and apply for any and every job but, we do believe you should keep your options open and ensure you visit the potential in all opportunities most suited to your skills. It is always reassuring to attend interviews with more than one employer to ensure you are making the correct final decision. The hope would be that you have positioned yourself to make a wise and educated decision doing this.
5- Timing is key when an offer is made
We see it all too often where candidates feel they have the power to hold off confirming an offer made by an employer in hope of another opportunity that may or may not be round the corner. This often leads to loss in confidence? from a hiring manager and unfortunately, can lead to them withdrawing an offer all together!

Impression Recruitment would like to wish you a happy and very successful 2018.

We look forward to working with you in 2018.