Looking for a New Job? It’s time to clean up your Social Media!


Your CV and cover letter might get you through the door for an interview, but your social media presence could cost you the job offer! In recent years, social media has developed into a valuable search tool that a growing number of hiring managers use to screen candidates during recruitment. And while you may simply view your online activity as fun and games with friends, if your privacy settings aren’t activated then there’s a chance you’re oversharing with prospective employers.


Could your social media presence benefit from a clean-up? This doesn’t mean changing who you are; it involves monitoring how and what you’re sharing online, and with whom. But how can you project the best version of yourself online without sacrificing aspects of your personality? Read on for our top tips…


Retrace Your Social Media Footprint

The way in which we communicate using social media isn’t the same as having an interpersonal conversation; every engagement is recorded, archived, and can be revisited by others. Maybe you’ve disclosed too much information or said something years ago that could be considered offensive or paints you in a negative light. It’s a good idea to go back through your social media profiles and remove anything that doesn’t showcase who you are as a person today.


If your social media activity spans more than a few years, Wired demonstrates how to scrub your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram timelines efficiently using both built-in tools and third-party add-ons.


Deactivate Accounts You Don’t Use Anymore

While revisiting posts you shared on your old accounts can provide a buzz of nostalgia, it can also feel embarrassing. If you’re cringing watching the YouTube videos made by your teenage self, then they’re probably not something you want prospective employers to be viewing either.


You can find out which of your old social accounts are still floating around by performing a quick Google search of your name. Identify which accounts you’d like to associate with your professional brand and increase the security settings of any other accounts that you wish to keep for personal use.

Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

Treat your LinkedIn profile as an extended version of your CV. Ensure that your profile and cover photos are recent and professional, and utilise the LinkedIn summary to tell your career story, highlight your biggest achievements, and show off your personality. “When a hiring manager sees that the mission of their company falls in line with your own brand, they’re even more likely to consider you for a position.” – themuse.com


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